Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fresh Fruits No.3

New City Gallery Wordmark

Designworks and City Gallery Wellington have been working together for more than 15 years. An enduring relationship that's seen quite a large range of design styles and eras for the gallery, the latest of which is a rebrand that I was involved with.

Previous City Gallery Logo

The previous visual system (above) revolved around the diamond from the logo. Basically the design collateral for each exhibition was created by dressing up the diamond. The result was quite a free flowing range of stuff that gave designers a lot of room to flex, and it still held together quite well. 

Above: A range of exhibition-specific gallery collateral

After a while the diamond naturally exhausted itself and exhibitions were being branded individually with no consistent gallery devices (above) other than the logo (which usually just sat down in one of the bottom corners). Again, the result was a free flowing range of stuff. On one hand, there was the freedom to go bananas and really capture and express the exhibitions, but on the other hand, the gallerys' brand wasn't really being built upon.

With the current rebrand, we focussed on bringing the gallery to the forefront... basically flipping the ratio. We stripped the visuals right back so we could focus on two things: Art and City Gallery. The resulting posters and banners use the shorthand name 'City Gallery' as it's known locally, to badge the art. More info at Designworks.

Brochure events calendar, A2 fold down to A6 

Deane Gallery brochure, A3 fold down to A6

Opening Invitation, A2 fold down to A6. The invite text is created by one of the exhibiting artists. In this case, Rob Mcleod.