Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fresh Fruits No.1

Primer Grey identity

The ARC 1 year anniversary DVD case

The ARC 1 year anniversary DVD set

This is a relatively old, but ongoing piece of brand work I've been running for a good mate of mine Costas Thrasyvoulou. A guy who can only be described as an encyclopedia of cinema.

A while back, he bought a bunch of gear to help himself and like-minded people make films. The venture was named 'Primer Grey' – a reference to the car in 'Two Lane Blacktop'. The car – built from scratch, geared totally towards speed and lacking a paint job, is a no nonsense machine, reduced down to the essentials, just like Primer Grey.

Plastic titling letters

The brand is pretty simple. All text is set in a custom typeface I created – Primer Grey Caps, which is based on an old movie titling set I picked up from a second hand store. The actual boxset letters have a physical baseline that connects the letters and acts as a stand (above). As I was making a digital typeface, it wasn't necessary to keep the baseline. Also aesthetically it was a mess... the classic 'works in the analog world, but looks like shit digitally' scenario.

All imagery is black and white, and comes from the footage and films themselves. I've always loved screen captures and really like the idea of picking and working with actual screenshots. It's resourceful, but more importantly it isn't staged – it's actually a real moment.

Digitised typeface

Poster concepts